Friday, 13 February 2009

VLANs to the rescue

I've overcome the two issues that caused me so much frustration. The problem of node network devices picking up different names (eth0, eth1) between boots was fixed by specifying the MAC addresses in the /etc/perceus/modules/ipaddr file:


My thanks go to Greg Kurtzer for helping me get this fixed.

The general network problems I was having with provisiond, amongst other things, were resolved by splitting my "management" network (with 192.168.3.x addresses) and "application" network (with 192.168.4.x addesses) over two VLANs. This was easy to do on the switch and really cleaned things up. Now the node will always boot from the network device I want it to boot from, and management traffic doesn't wander over the application network.

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