Thursday, 5 June 2008

More Samba Problems

I am getting to grips with how a Windows client discovers the Samba Domain Controller on the network. I will cover this in a later post. Unfortunately, there is still something profoundly wrong with my installation of Samba which I need to resolve before going any further.

It started when I was following the FDS instructions for setting up Samba. Having religiously followed every step, I got to the bit about setting up the Administrator account:

# smbpasswd -a Administrator -w ldap-admin-password

This returned:

Setting stored password for "cn=Directory Manager" in secrets.tdb

Was that right? I suspect not. What I've discovered is that if I replace "Administrator" here with any account name - including no name at all - I get the same result!

The next step was where it really went wrong. This is supposed to modify the Samba Administrator account to use the correct SID (one ending in a RID of 500):

# pdbedit -U $( net getlocalsid sed 's/SID for domain RIVERSIDE is: //' )-500 -u Administrator -r

All I get is:

Username not found!

The final step in the instructions is to test creating a new user:

# smbpasswd -a testuser

Which just returns:

Failed to modify password entry for user testuser

I've done a lot of googling on this. There are plenty of reports of this sort of error, but precious few answers.

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