Monday, 30 July 2007

D630 Sound fixed!

My thanks go to Mike for his comment here. The updated GATech driver fixed my D630 sound problem. I now have a "STAC92xx Analog" sound device.

I should go on holiday more often! I don't suppose anyone knows anything about Bluetooth? :-)


Julien Anguenot said...

Thank you guys for the tip ! Worked just fine for as well :)

Mike said...

I found the Georgia Tech site while poking around the Emperor Linux website. [] Apparently they offer the D630 (their "Tiger") running a custom kernel, available for download.

On another note, I'm still having issues with Suspend. Anyone else?

David Rowe said...

When I select Suspend the machine seems to suspend correctly, and I'm left with the power light fading on and off. When I hit the power button to wake the machine up, power comes back but the screen stays black. Is that what you're seeing?

Mike said...

Yes, though mine might be white. On a Resume, I can press CTRL-ALT F1 and it puts me to a black screen, then CTRL-ALT F7 brings me back to the "Locked Screen" password dialog. I don't mind this, except the screen brightness is stuck on low. Neither the Function keys, nor the Gnome brightness slider work after a suspend.