Thursday, 5 July 2007

D630 on Ubuntu

There is an interesting post from on the Ubantu forum here. "Lek130" writes:

The issue still is that the d630 has some new components ... Device drivers updates for linux are not top prio for HW Vendors, I am afraid. That is an issue in itself.

I tried a few distros OpenSuse10.1, FedoraCore6, Fedora7, etc.
OpenSuse did not at even get close.
FC6 worked well from CD - no issue. But upgrading to F7 killed the system
F7 CD did not recognize the storage controller.

Feisty Fawn U7.04 was the one I could get quickly working.

Ubuntu 7.04 has the 2.6.20-16 kernel. F7 has the later 2.6.21-1 kernel. Given that FC6 worked, (I found myself that I could install from the FC6 CD,) it looks like something got broken in the later kernel.

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