Thursday, 5 July 2007


The ide-generic kernel module, ide-generic.ko, is not present on Fedora 7. Possibly that's one reason why the all-generic-ide option won't work.

I guess its possible to build it from the kernel source...


David said...

I'm happily posting from my D630 via 64-bit Ubuntu 7.04 :)

I'm a first time Ubuntu user (I use Red Hat at work, but have dabbled with Slackware and Gentoo on home machines), and I must say: I'm sold!

The installation was a snap (though I used the "alternate" CD, a text-based installer, to avoid graphics issues). WiFi worked right off the bat, and after following some easy instructions I found on, I had my graphics card working. Up until today, there was a minor issue with my graphics adapter ("nasty color bands instead of smooth gradients"), but someone on the Ubuntu Forums posted their backport of the Intel drivers to correct this.

Now I'm in the same boat with the rest of the D630 *nix users--no IDE support. I read about a workaround which does not allow for DMA mode, but I've decided to wait for a better option. I'm dual booting with XP, so I can always turn to that if I really need the DVD-RW.

Any plans on recompiling your kernel with the generic IDE device module?



Julien Anguenot said...

Hi there,

FC7 on d630 as well.

I yum updated against testing and ATrpm and it installed the new 2.6.21 3255 kernel which fixed the DVD problem as described in the above thread.

No luck with the sound yet.



David Rowe said...

Thanks for the information on the updated kernel! I will give it a try.