Friday, 1 June 2007

Running Evolution 2.10

I wish I could say I was running Evolution 2.10. The truth however, is that despite having successfully built the software it isn't working.

The first error I get is "Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process" when trying to connect to Exchange:

My feeling is that this is related to having two versions of Evolution and evolution-data-server installed on the machine. If I force a shutdown with evolution-2.10 --force-shutdown I get the message "Shutting down evolution-data-server-1.8" which is the wrong version.

That's bad enough, but I can't reply to any mails at all without a "Could not create composer window" error - and a crash.

So why not just remove the old version of Evolution? The problem with that is the way that the Fedora Package Manager works - either though yum or pirut ("Add/Remove software".) The Package Manger is excellent at installing any dependencies a software package might need to run when it is installed, but when it comes to uninstalling the software things go a bit wrong. Evolution is dependent on Gnome libraries in order to run. So what do you think happens if you uninstall Evoluton? Gnome gets uninstalled as well. That's right, you lose your desktop. Genius!

Fortunately, I was running VMWare when I discovered this little quirk, so I could just rollback. However, this is a serious failing. You should surely be able to remove your email client without removing your desktop.

So perhaps I just need to find a way of getting Evolution-2.10 to run with the right build of evolution-data-server... But then, Fedora 7 has been released.

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