Friday, 22 June 2007

Building the Dell D630 Graphics Driver

Fedora 7 on the D630 is not a practical option as things stand, because of the lack of support in the OS for key components of the hardware. I could of course wait until that support arrives, but if I want to run Linux now I really only have one option: that is to enable support for the hardware myself. On the plus side, Intel have released open source drivers for the graphics card and (I believe) the sound card. I don't know about the DVD drive. On the downside, I need to build the drivers myself.

So, ignoring Intel's ominous warning that "Compiling and/or upgrading graphics drivers in Linux is a complex and error-prone task", I've downloaded the source code from Intel here. To download the driver software you need git, which is not installed on Fedora by default. However, you can easily install the git package using yum or pirut (Add/Remove Software.)

git-clone git://

Once you have downloaded the driver software, cd to the xf86-video-intel directory that git creates, and see what happens when you start to compile the drivers:


This first thing that happened when I ran was that I got an error checking for intel-gen4asm. This was easily fixed by downloading and making the software:

git-clone git://
cd intel-gen4asm
make install

However, I'm now getting this error:

./configure: line 20243: syntax error near unexpected token `XINERAMA,'
./configure: line 20243: `XORG_DRIVER_CHECK_EXT(XINERAMA, xineramaproto)'

For once, there are plenty of hits on Google for this error, which is said to be related to the xineramaproto.pc file. However, I have the xineramaproto.pc in my /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ directory, which is on my PKG_CONFIG_PATH. I'm guessing it is an environment variable problem, but at the moment this is holding me up.

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marcelo_m9 said...

hei man i resolv this on my debian doing a :
aptitude install xorg-dev