Friday, 22 June 2007

Building the Dell D630 Graphics Driver (Cont.)

Thanks to this post I realised that I was missing the xorg-server.pc file. This is installed by the SDK for developing X server driver modules. Doh! Well you live and learn. You can install the SDK from the Fedora xorg-x11-server-sdk package. That done, the driver built beautifully.

./ --prefix=/usr
make install

If you don's specify the prefix, the drivers get installed to /usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ rather than /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ which is the drivers directory used by Fedora.

And the driver has made absolutely no difference at all :-(

The system says it is still using the "Intel - Experimental modesetting driver for Intel integrated graphics chipsets" video card. More importantly, the display looks just like it did before. Was Fedora already using this driver? I haven't been able to find out. However, the job is only half done. I've built the 2D driver; I now have to build the 3D driver.

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s.b. said...

found your blog via google search. i've got a d630, too. i just installed ubuntu gutsy (7.10) tribe 3 and simply removed the existing video driver and installed xserver-xorg-video-intel and 1440x900 worked. Alllmost "out of box". Now to much around with getting alsa_hd_audio and then to work on wireless.