Tuesday, 15 May 2007


When I was investigating the errors I got browsing the network I needed to install Wireshark. To install the software I used yum. yum is a is a software package manager and represents a massive leap forward over how things used to be on Linux not that long ago. No more decompressing tarballs and typing in long lists of commands from an install readme file: yum automatically works out dependencies, downloads the software and installs it for you. All I needed to do to install Wireshark was type:

yum install wireshark-gnome

The guys with the neck-beards (as Don Box calls them) must be shaking their heads!

You don't even need to go near a terminal window. You can browse and install software packages just by clicking on "Add/Remove Software" from the "Applications" menu. yum is a major step towards making Linux a business friendly operating system for the desktop. However, it is only a step.

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