Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Why Linux?

I'm a Windows man. I spend my days sitting in front of Windows Vista writing software for Windows computers. My company is a Microsoft Certified Partner. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional. So what am I doing getting involved with Linux?

I don't have a simple answer to the question. Partly, I'm interested in Linux for the same reason I got interested in computers in the first place: I want to know how it works. Linux is important. It is important in my industry both commercially and - to some extent - technically. Linux also has an importance culturally.

So who is this blog for? Why do people blog anyway? Who do they expect is going to read their stuff? My hope is that if someone is considering moving from Windows to Linux they might come across this blog and find something I have to say useful. If that's you, please post a comment! Otherwise how am I ever going to know? The only other audience I have in mind for this blog is myself. If I can keep track of what I've done, hopefully I won't repeat my mistakes.

My plan is to keep my posts here short but frequent. I will also try to keep my posts as contemporaneous as possible with what I'm actually doing with Linux.

It's time to start.

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