Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Evolution Exchange Bugs

Evolution appeared to have successfully connected to Exchange and synchronized my mail. However, when I clicked on one of my mail folders I immediately got an "Error while Refreshing folder" error saying "Lost connection to Evolution Exchange backend process"

To make matters worse, CPU usage hit 100% and stayed there until I closed down Evolution.

To cut a long and frustrating story short, this is a known bug. The "solution" is to delete the mail data that Evolution has cached by opening a terminal window and typing the following:

evolution -–force-shutdown
cd ~/.evolution
cd mail/exchange
ls (to get the name of the directory)
rm -rfv ./(name of directory)
Restart Evolution

I'm very grateful to the person who posted the fix here. However, this isn't really a fix. It doesn't stop the problem from occurring, it just removes the problem when it does. So why does it occur? My hunch is that the problem happens if you have your mail account open somewhere else. I'm still looking into Linux being my main laptop OS - I have (or had) my mail account open on another machine. Time will tell if just having my mail account on Fedora will prevent the problem from occurring.

But then there's another problem. Even when Evolution has correctly synchronized with Exchange and is happily connected, new mail does not show up in my Inbox. If I get new mail, the Inbox icon shows that I have an unread message, but the message itself does not appear in the Inbox. What's more, no amount of Send/Receiving or attempting to refresh the Inbox will help. The only way to see the new mail message is to shutdown Evolution and restart. This just about makes Evolution unusable as my default email client.

There is some hope, however. Fedora comes with Evolution 2.8, and version 2.8 of the Exchange Connector. New versions of both these pieces of software are available - although not via yum, or even via a rpm file. Looks like I might have to do a real Linux installation.



Jay said...

I would like to thank you for this post. It corrected my issue. No Fuss no... how ever that saying goes. More Linux posts like this please.

Bobby said...

It's still useless, after i open evolution again it goes "scanning for changed messages" and stays as like that forever.

I'm that close to erasing ubuntu, i have spent hours on this issue because i wanted to give ubuntu a chance.